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Epic Content Marketing

Customers do not care about a company’s products or services-they care about themselves. This simple fact sits at the heart of content marketing, a marketing strategy that aims to attract and retain customers through valuable information instead of sales pitches. In Epic Content Marketing, strategist Joe Pulizzi leverages his experience as founder of the Content Marketing Institute to demonstrate how companies can produce different types of compelling content to convert their target audiences into passionate customers. Pulizzi presents a step-by-step guide to developing, promoting, and measuring the impact of successful marketing initiatives.

When companies provide valuable information to people through content marketing, people return the favor by becoming loyal customers. To launch initiatives that successfully attract and retain customers, businesses should consider the following concepts:

• Sell more by marketing less. Content marketing is more successful than traditional marketing because it provides people with valuable information instead of a sales pitch. Ultimately, people are interested in themselves-not in products and services.

• Define an objective, niche, and strategy first. Producing content without a strategic framework in place will not attract customers. For a initiative to be successful, marketers must set definitive goals, define their target audiences, and create plans of action.

• Manage the content marketing process by assembling the right team of people, choosing the right types of content, and staying on schedule. Businesses must create teams of content marketers who are responsible for overseeing, producing, and editing content. They should also develop an editorial calendar to keep content production on schedule and determine which types of content will connect best with target audiences.

• Market the content by connecting with others. Utilizing every channel possible to connect people with the content is very important. This can include leveraging social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, or developing relationships with key industry influencers to gain access to their established audiences.

• Put appropriate metrics in place to track the success or shortcomings of a content marketing initiative. To track the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, it is essential to use appropriate metrics. This can include how many times content has been viewed, downloaded, or shared. Most importantly, marketers must aim to measure how many times content has led to sales.

Epic Content Marketing provides readers with the necessary information, tools, and techniques to launch successful initiatives. Joe Pulizzi has created a clear guide for marketers who are looking to produce and distribute of the kind of content that will generate sales. Throughout the book, Pulizzi offers tips and tools from his own experiences as well as case studies of real companies that have developed successful marketing strategies. It would be of interest to marketers and other professionals looking to attract and retain new customers. The chapters, which should be read consecutively, conclude with key points called “Epic Thoughts” and resources for further reading.